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Local Heritage

From unique field stone heritage homes, to rustically restored heritage barns, old elm trees, a scenic lakefront, and Morden roses, there are so many reasons why Morden is a city of beauty and richly steeped history. There is no shortage to the variety of historical topics of importance to Morden.

Following ancient fossil finds in the 1970s, Morden has become a boon to the paleontological significance of Manitoba, and currently houses some of the world’s largest ancient marine reptile fossils at the Canadian Fossil Discovery Centre.

Morden area is also near the geographical site of the invention of the Red River Ox Cart and part of the historical NWMP Boundary Commission Trail.

For more information, follow the links below:

Morden's History Online

There are digitized copies of Morden's history online under the Books section of These are:

Vintage Slideshows

We've gathered together sets of photos from Morden's past. If you have more information on these photos, or if you know of other photos that we might add to the collection, please let us know.