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Historical Sites

Morden Dam

In 1941 the Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration (PFRA) constructed a dam across the Dead Horse Creek, creating a man-made lake.

In 1953 the PFRA modified and raised the dam across the Dead Horse Creek creating a lake covering 2,490 feet of water with a centre line length of approximately 8700 feet, now know as Lake Minnewasta.

In 1981 the PFRA under a Federal-Provincial Agreement raised the level of the Morden dam by nine feet and raised the spillway by seven feet as well as lowering the water supply intake to the Morden Water Treatment Plant. Storage capacity of the reservoir was thus increased from 2,100 acre-feet to 3,100 acre-feet and the dependable annual yield increased from 430 acre-feet to 880 acre-feet. This would now provide enough water to meet the projected requirements of the City of Morden for many years to come.

On Wednesday, July 14th, 1982, a dedication plaque was unveiled by DREE Minister Herb Gray and Manitoba Resources Minister – Al Mackling. Also present for the ceremony were Frank Strauss, representing the general contractor and Morden Mayor – Max Friesen.

Other Historical Sites

  • Mountain City Cairn is located 3 miles South of Morden on the South side of the Stanley Park Road. In 1884, the residents of Mountain City started moving their houses, schools, churches, post office, hotel and store to Morden. The Manitoba Historical Society's website has information on Mountain City School.

  • Nelson Cairn marking the location of the village called Nelsonville is located 5 miles North on Hwy #432 and 3 miles West on road 18N. The whole village moved to Morden when the railway chose its route through Morden.

  • “Pinancewaywining” Post Cairn – is an Indian name meaning “on the way down to the ford”. This is located at the entrance to Morden Park just off Thornhill Street.

  • The province’s largest cottonwood tree grows in Confederation Park where you will also find the Cenotaph. This is at the corner of Stephen Street and Ninth Street.

  • Gravesite of Alvey Morden, the founder of the City is located at the Hillside Cemetery. There is a plaque to recognize him. Enter the cemetery and drive to the top of the hill. The gravesite is on the south east corner of the cemetery.

    Alvey and Frances Morden plaque at Hillside Cemetery

    Alvey and Frances Morden plaque at Hillside Cemetery