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Heritage Brochures

The City of Morden celebrated 125 years of history in 2007. The following “Heritage Series Brochures” were produced to make the history of the City available to everyone.

Printed copies of the English brochures are available from the Morden Civic Centre Office or the South Central Regional Library.  The Russian Version of these documents are only available online.  You are also welcome to download the attached pdf documents.

The English Version of the “Heritage Series Brochures” were made possible by a grant of 50% from Manitoba Culture Heritage & Tourism and the Council’s support for the remaining 50% of the cost.  The Russian version translation was done by Regina Akhankin and the typography and positioning was done by Sergey Akhankin.  We are grateful for this gift to the City of Morden.

We hope you enjoy reading this information and look forward to your comments:

  1. Pioneers   1. Pioneers
  2. Building a Community   2. Building a Community
  3. Mansions   3. Mansions
  4. People   4. People
  5. Businesses   5. Businesses
  6. Schools   6. Schools
  7. Entertainment   7. Entertainment
  8. Coming of the Railroad   8. Coming of the Railroad
  9. Morden Experimental Farm   9. Morden Experimental Farm
10. Health Care 10. Health Care
11. Recreation 11. Recreation
12. Fire and Police Services 12. Fire and Police Services

To view these pdf files, you must have Adobe Reader.
A free download of the latest version is available here
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