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See History Unfold

Morden is where the grandeur of the past meets the excitement of the future.

Unearth some of Manitoba’s best kept secrets, in the City of Morden.

News and Events

Recent Projects 2017

The City of Morden acknowledges the support of Manitoba Sport, Culture and Heritage in the development of these two projects, through funding from the Heritage Grants Program.

Notable People

Everyone who has called Morden home since its founding has contributed to the development of the community. On the following pages you will learn about a few of Morden’s more Notable People. Some are pioneers who helped form the community in its early years. Others are people who are contributing their time, talent and wisdom to the community today.

Notable People (pdf 1.7 MB)


This community is named for Alvey Morden who claimed government land in 1874 under the Dominion Lands Act. It was the building of the Pembina Mountain Branch Line by the Canadian Pacific Railway that brought Morden into existence, when the company bypassed the existing communities of Nelson and Mountain City and laid track across Alvey Morden‟s homestead.

This booklet presents milestones in the development of the community.

Milestones (pdf 2.2 MB)

"Old" News

Earlier news items are stored on a separate "Old News" page.